Our Pop-Up Tap Room is closed until Christmas.  Beers are still available to buy online for collection or local delivery.

Friday & Saturday Closed for the season
Sunday Closed for the season

We have a little seasonal pop-up tap room and courtyard where you can drink our refreshing beers (we offer other drinks too!). and buy beer to takeaway.


Brewing Unplugged is located in Chilcotts Brewhouse, part of a Devon Shippon. Now the shippon  has had the former utility room modernised to create an area for Brewing small batch craft beer.  The adjacent former milking area, where two cows would have stood for milking (if you look closely you can see the stalls) has been refreshed and now instead of milk, dispenses beer.

We offer one of our beers on tap with the other's chilled and bottled.


Hello there! Max from Brewing Unplugged here.

Chilcotts Brewhouse courtyard. Serving craft beers by Brewing Unplugged

My passion for beer stems from my disdain for commercial beers and the stereotypes surrounding them. There's so much more to beer than similar tasting lagers and beer isn't just lager! There are so many styles and flavours out there to be excited about; I promise you there is a beer style out there that you will love.

This borderline obsession started at 18 when I started exploring craft beer. However, Brewing Unplugged came about due to the first lockdown in 2020. What started as a bit of a joke I explored the idea of opening a hobby nano brewery and selling my beer. With the amazing support from my parents, my dream of brewing and selling craft beer in North Devon became a reality in the Summer of 2021.

I have now returned to University for my final year.  Who knows what the future holds.

I guess my passion for beer and this inspiration behind this microbrewery can be summed up in a couple words:

Life's too short to drink bad beer

Local Ingredients

We aspire to use only local and UK ingredients. Currently, we source our malts from Simpsons Malt, a UK maltster and have planted our own hops that'll be ready in the autumn.

Environmentally Conscious

We re-use the water used to cool down the mash to wash our equipment, compost our grains after we've used them and are even growing our own hops to reduce our carbon footprint.

Awesome Beer

Gone are the days of boring pints of lager. Craft beer in North Devon is where it's at. While we've only got a small selection at the moment, we're sure we have a beer that you'll love.

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